Mobile Legends: Bang Bang About Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Mobile Legends Overview

I am here to help you in being better in the match! If you would like to up your game, climb higher positions and being a better player in general, you’re in the ideal location.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that is made up of 5 player in each group (5v5). The main thing in a MOBA game is being a group.

My name is TripleC, I have been playing MOBAs all of my life. It doesn’t mean they are bad, they simply need advice and game knowledge.

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1. Game Sense/Knowledge over Player’s Mechanics/ Macro over Micro

I’ll be explaining this first because there are a lot of people that doesn’t know how important it is to understand”what to do” in certain conditions. It doesn’t matter how great you’re using”X” hero if you don’t know how to win a match. Research on YouTube and try understanding the sport,meta and roles.

So if you’re having trouble climbing positions or winning matches, a player’s mechanic isn’t where you should concentrate on. There are so many diverse scenarios and possibly you could’ve done better in a few of them by doing something differently. Every time you’ve entered the respawn timer or lost the match, you should think what did you do wrong and correct the mistakes.

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You can be among the best toughest hero to play player but it does not mean that you are among the greatest player in general. So if you truly want to be a much better player and win more matches, bear in mind that your main problem is the game knowledge and understanding of the sport.

2.Understanding Each Hero

Watch some gameplays or test out each hero in the game. Understand how their skills works, harm, utilities, objectives, etc.. It’s quite important because with that knowledge, you are able to call what is your competitor next move so that you can counter them.

It’s part of this game knowledge. By knowing how much harm the enemy hero can do, you can pick and forecast if you’re going to win that struggle. It’s never a great thing to run into a struggle blindly.

3.Learn And Analyse Every Thing

Take your time and read the things’ stats & passives. Learn each personalities’ core thing and item powerspike. It can allow you to understand more about the sport and”why does this hero purchase that item”.

What’s item powerspike?

-A jump of strength after acquiring”X” items or item.

4.Team Composition and Understanding the Meta

Every new patch or upgrade, there’ll be enthusiast and nerf to some heroes and there’ll always be the”top tier” heroes at some point. Find out which hero on every function are the most powerful, learn how to play and select accordingly based on what your group needs.

5.Adjust Your Role and Fill

If someone else has stolen your main function, that is fine. You’ll have chance to learn every other function. It’s much better to have a balanced team than having three marksmen in precisely the exact same team. If your”carry” function was taken, it does not mean that you can not carry your staff with any other function.

People today have a tendency to make mistakes and think that the”carry” function is the only function that could carry. Any other role like tank or just a service can carry a match in the event that you played well. Again, this is a team sport, you’re going to have to trust your staff or at least attempt to.

6.Positive Thinking and Admitting Your Mistake

Among the biggest problems in MOBA games in general is toxicity. It is normal that people usually blame their staff instead of admitting their errors. It’s fine to eliminate a game or being in a shed streak.

Every single participant has that instant, including the top players in the game.Take a break, relax and try again another time. Everybody make mistakes, you must learn from your mistakes to enhance but not blaming on others.

7.It’s Not Just Your Team… It Is Probably You.

Sometimes people complain about how unfortunate they’re teaming up with poor players as though it’s the sole reason why they’re stuck in low position. Unfortunately for you, it does not work like that. If you’re in a certain position in the lower tier, you played with a great deal of games and you stayed there for quite a long time, that likely means you belong in there.

I am aware that the mindset of”My team is so poor, I can not take”, it happens to many people. Every time something goes wrong, think of every single smallish mistakes you’ve made.

Instead of blaming your staff and being poisonous, attempt to”blame your self” and be self-critical. Learn every time once you mess up.

8.Don’t Just Play a Single Role

To be a great player, you have got to understand and predict what the enemy does. In order to this, you will need to play different function and find out their playstyle. Together with the mindset, you can call their next move and counterplay accordingly.

I totally understand if you love playing with X role and would like to main that function. Focus on a single role but also learn how to play every other function. Having knowledge of every role is a massive boost to your game feel.

9.Remain Aware 

Care for your mini-map just like you would to your car’s mirrors, check it every couple of seconds with a glimpse. Learn your enemies’ portrait or avatar, know who’s on the enemy group and which one has bunch controls. Bear in mind that not every member in your group will remember to call out that their lane competitions has gone missing.

It can keep you in the lane living from getting ganked from the enemy team. So be certain you keep your map consciousness high and if you realise that one of your allies lane is missing an enemy and they have not called it, call it for them. It might save your team’s life.

10.Assistance and Use Your Teammates

The team is always more powerful together than it is apart especially once end-game strikes and having a single out-of-place team member could make the difference between losing the battle and winning it. If you are a tank or a service,you need to be shadowing your team’s most dangerous member at all times so you may keep them alive as long as possible. If you are a jungler, be sure to give up on killing the jungle camps to support your allies in lane whenever they need help.

Do not be greedy and help your teammates. Stop farming and become a leader for your group.

Use the quick chat and hints to communicate with your staff. Do not neglect it!

11.Know when to Initiate and when to Play Safe

Do not dive in or blindly into any situation without analyzing the circumstance. If you’re planning to initiate on an enemy hero, don’t forget to look at the map first and be certain you and your staff are safe to do so.

If you do not attack you will not ever take objectives.Taking objectives is important to victory.

12.Objectives are Key to Victory

If you’re behind and the enemy team is winning each teamfight, you do not need to fight them. Just stall or split drive, farm, know where and when to rotate. If you force a teamfight as soon as your team is behind, that’s suicide and ends up losing the match.

In case you had the option to choose between catching a enemy off-guard and provide up goal or taking the objective. It is a no brainer, you always need to take the objective. With every objective you’ve taken, that’s a step closer to success.

13.Do not Flame or Troll

When things does not goes by your way, try not to get overly emotional. There are a lot of game losses because of teammates arguing, flaming, trolling or intentionally feeding merely to prove a point. Finger crossed, if there are these players in your group, you’re extremely unlucky then.

You might get frustrated and angry in your teammates for making bad decisions. Flaming or cussing at them will not do you or your staff any good. It will not contribute to you winning more matches.

You may even have a chance winning the game, I’ve won a great deal of games with gamers just like this. You need to be patient, do not entertain them and play the best you can.

It occurs in every single group game, particularly MOBAs. Have a rest and rest if you want it, do not force yourself to play more games if you’re already tilted.

14.Boost the Morale of the Group

Would help them be more confident and focused on winning the game. They would make better choices and perform better knowing that you’ve got their back.

Check The Hero Rotation

Cellular legends bang bang hero turning

Among the most important things which can help you in any MOBA sport is familiarizing yourself with numerous heroes. Sure, playing your favourite hero can help you get more kills, but it won’t necessarily win you more conflicts. Since there are various functions in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you will need to have the ability to adjust to a team makeup. You can not simply stubbornly select who you want and expect your team to win. Bear in mind, the battle starts at the hero selection screen.

With that in mind, it’s an excellent idea to attempt and master unique kinds of heroes. This can be challenging at first, as you won’t have access to all of the heroes. The game gives you a few heroes for free but after that, you’ll have to get any other hero you need to use. The great news is, you can test out various heroes for a week. The game briefly unlocks several heroes for a week. The roster changes each week, so be certain to check out the spinning regularly. This is a superb way to broaden your hero knowledge and possibly even test drive a hero before deciding to purchase.

Pick The Right Hero

As we mentioned previously, the conflict begins during hero choice. If you don’t pick the ideal winner for your job, you can put your whole team at a disadvantage. Whenever you’re still beginning, it may be tricky to determine who to select for. We’ve listed a couple of reliable heroes below to assist you with that vital decision.


She’s the first hero you will get, and you’ll be able to stick with her for quite a long time. She’s a Marksman, which means that you can deal damage from afar. Keep running while hitting, then unleash your final once you see somebody with low health.


If melee combat is more your style, then he’s the man for you. He’s a Fighter with a broad assortment of life plus attacks steal that keeps him alive during the battle. He can judge pretty well due to his sustain, but it is also possible to remain in lane to function as a tank. Wipe the damage while your allies struck from the rear line.


She’s an Assassin with incredible damage. She doesn’t take hits well, so you need to stay out of sight till you’ve got a clear shot at a target it is possible to take down. Remain in the bushes or anywhere behind your group’s tanks, then jump in as soon as you are able to secure a kill. You also need to build a few defensive things to help her survive in battle.

Knowing each nook and cranny of the map is essential for any player. You won’t have time to keep checking the map simply to see where you’re going. Learning the map will allow you to move around quickly and expect enemy movement. Check out the significant regions of the map below to get a better idea of where you will need to go.


There are 3 lanes in the game: top, mid, and underside. Minions who spawn from each foundation will travel down these lanes. The lanes are guarded by turrets you will want to take down in order to progress to the enemy base. Remember to remain behind your minions and allow them to take the damage as you kill off enemy minions.


Between the lanes are areas which have a couple farming spots. Some personalities are better at jungling than others as a result of this. Even in the event you opt to play at the lanes, assess the jungle from time to time to pick up fosters like double damage and double adventure.

Sub Bosses

These are powerful monsters that spawn late to the game. You will normally require the whole team’s help to take down these monsters.

Always bear in mind that you’re playing a team sport. However good you are at playing, you can’t keep winning with no teammates. Consider picking up a tank in case your lineup is currently full of squishies. Always communicate with them rather than lose your cool.

Do Not Forget To Push

A common mistake among new players is that the premise that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is all about becoming killing. They keep going after killing and dismiss the lanes. No matter how many kills you get, your team won’t win if you don’t push towards the enemy base. Simply guide the minions towards the lanes and allow them to take the hit as you attack the turrets. Once all of the turrets in a lane is gone, you can proceed to split up the enemy base. Some teams can turn a match around despite being at a disadvantage by pushing . Learn how to prioritize procuring goals and you should see an improvement on your win rate.

At the beginning of the game, before you head into your lane, try to pick up some monster kills from the jungle. Just ask your tank or service that will assist you kill one jungle camp so as to acquire a level advantage after you get to the lanes. If you play your cards right, you might even have the ability to secure first blood once your enemies arrive. Needless to say, if you’re the tank or service, you need to give up the jungle critters to your carry. Again, it’s all about teamwork.

It might take you longer games to work out how to use them. Just because you finished a game with 20 deaths doesn’t mean that you should stop using that hero. As we mentioned previously, there are heroes on turning each week. Pick a couple of new heroes out of that spinning and use them the entire week until you master them. It requires a great deal of tries before you are able to land Franco’s hooks consistently. As soon as you master this skill, however, it is possible to become one of the most bothersome heroes to play against.

Open People Chests

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is fairly generous with freebies as long as you’re an active player. Rewards include adventure, battle points, hero tickets, emblems, and magical dust. Ensure to take advantage of the free chests as frequently as possible since they could help you out a lot.

Apart from the free chests, you also receive medal chests which give out much more rewards. These, however, require a little bit of work. You’ll have to play a few games so as to open ribbon chests. Two victories should be sufficient to open one. Benefits from decoration chests include premium skin fragments. It’s a fantastic way to get skins to your personalities without spending real money.

Are you prepared to become legendary?

Have Fun!
Concentrate more on having fun and not to be overly outcome determined by whether you win or lose. Try to enjoy every games you played with if it is a good or bad game.

Queuing games with buddies will increase your probability of winning as well since your staff will benefit over the enemies by communicating with one another and rotate/gank correspondingly.